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Art Project at Panama

Work has now been completed at Panama Skate Park in Whitley Bay.

North Tyneside Council approached Real Art Projects to prepare a proposal to add artwork to the Panama Skate Park, Whitley Bay. We therefore carried out research to gather opinion and ideas from the users of the park to help us put together a design brief for the preferred artist, Creative Ginger.

Creative Ginger have worked on a number of large artwork productions using aerosol art including work with Nexus, Northumbria Police and local councils.


At last year’s Coast ‘09 event Real Art Projects organised a live painting demo, which enabled us to gauge the opinion of the skate park users and the general public regarding art of this nature. We were also able to start to collate a pool of ideas from the skaters as to what they would like to see in their skate park.

We received an overwhelmingly positive response to our questionnaire and the artwork on show. In fact, 100% of the users we spoke to that weekend said they would like to see artwork of this type inside the skate park. Another live art demo enabled us to ask direct questions relating to the surface area of the park and specific designs. Again, a positive response was received and valuable opinion was taken.

In addition to all of the above research, Real Art Projects pooled further opinion over the course of three weekdays on location. Our main objective for this was to speak to a broader age range than our weekend research allowed us to.

The internet provided us with a further opportunity to discuss plans for the skate park. Opinion was divided, but on the whole, was in support of the proposal going ahead.

Over the summer of 2009 we had contact with 139 users of the park. During the course of this period we adapted our questions to obtain more specific information for our proposal. Our findings indicate that the majority of users think that all of the park should be painted, including the bowls and ramps. However, it had become obvious that the more experienced users believed that paint would affect their skating experience in a negative way. Therefore, as in our original proposal, no skating/riding surfaces have been covered.

This promises to be an exciting development in the regeneration of the coastal town.

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